Once I started getting regular freelance illustration work, art ceased to be a hobby for me as it had become a career. Over time, photography started to interest me more and more. Better photography of course helps in shooting better photo reference, but also it's a nice way to exercise the creative muscles that's a little different than the work I do to pay the bills.

This is my friend Crystal, one of my favorite models for both photography and illustration.

My good friend and fellow illustrator Cynthia Sheppard. Her husband Brendan was there assisting in the spur of the moment photo shoot (we had been out earlier and Cynthia was dressed up and looking amazing), and he had the great idea to add the shot of whiskey and the pistol. Added a great femme fatale feel.

I took a trip to the local botanical garden. Lots of cool plant life from all over the world, including many varied regions. This one is a desert plant of some kind, which I failed to write down the name.

The Beardsley Zoo is a small local zoo here in Connecticut. This Bison was shedding large chunks of his coat, and when he shook his flanks he'd make a huge cloud of dust and fur. A very impressive animal.

I was shooting some photos of some berries in a bush when I noticed there was a nice sized Garter Snake sunning itself on the branches. Luckily I already had on the perfect lens to get a couple of great close ups before he got spooked and slithered off.

Another shot from the Beardsley Zoo, this time from the wolf pen.