New Year Hearthstone Update

Sorry I haven't been updating regularly, but this past year has been full of lots of neat work, only some of which I can show off. If you'd like to see my work more regularly, I encourage people to find me on Instagram, where I post works in progress and sketches, as well as finished art. Find me here:

On to the art!

Here are a few pieces from Hearthstone, the Counterfeit Coin and the Explorer's Hat are two of my favorite Hearthstone cards thus far. From the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and League of Explorer's sets.

A couple of chess piece cards for the Karazhan expansion.

Fadeleaf Toxin from Whispers of the Old Gods

Trying out some stuff

I'm always trying out some new style or approach. I find it's a good way to stay artistically limber. It really pays to keep exploring. This update shows a little of some recent exploration. This first batch was just me playing with some faster, looser more "concept art" style looks.

I've also been playing a bit with a more graphic, design oriented look. I may one day take this style and create some Tshirt designs, buttons, or another stab at creating stickers.