When I'm not working on paying freelance jobs, I like to change things up by painting nudes. It's nice to get back to something simpler, and I love the classical beauty of nudes.

These first two are my friend Ashley. I work from photos, and in the second piece, the photo I worked from was a little out of focus, but I liked the pose. I had enough information to paint from, except for the tattoos, which I decided to mostly just make up new ones for her. The top image has her with her correct and complete (at the time) tattoos.

This is another friend and volunteer, Susanna. She works as an artist's model for local art schools, and with that experience she struck some great poses. In this study I was also testing out some new textured Photoshop brushes.

Another fantastic (and beautiful) volunteer. More experimentation with those textured brushes.

Finally we have my friend Angie, another tattooed gal. This is several years old, and one of the first digital nude studies I had done. I did tons of nude studies in oils, especially back in art school, but this digital one goes back enough years that I was just starting to get regular freelance work back then.