Big Update!

Today I decided to update the blog with a bunch of stuff that I didn't necessarily want to add directly to my portfolio, but which is still some pretty cool art. First up is some of the World of Warcraft card art I did for the trading card game.

Next up is a piece I did for Sony Online Entertainment's Legends of Norrath.

A character illustration I did for Eclipse Phase: Transhuman

Dragon's Prophet

Earlier this year an artist friend of mine, Mike Sass, recruited me to help him out with a project he was working on for the game Dragon's Prophet, by Sony Online Entertainment. Mike was commissioned to design a series of dragons for their game, and Mike asked me if I could help him out by creating the line drawings of his designs for the 3d modelers to work from. Here are the profile line drawings I did for Mike's first four designs.

You can see the game's Developer Blog post with the first design here:

A Few Quick Designs

Playing around tonight and did some quick sketches/designs. Didn't spend much time on rendering up details.