An experiment in Photobashing.

Today I downloaded a video from concept artist Jan Urschel (find it HERE). The video showed a popular concept artist technique where pieces of photos are combined, then painted over to speed up the creation of concept art. I was enjoying the video, and since I'd never tried anything like that I thought I'd give it a try. Since this was a first try and an experiment, I didn't take the time to break the photo pieces into as many small pieces as I would want to if I was giving this a much more serious try. Many of the pieces here are still fairly recognizable compared to their source material, and a true attempt I would make a much bigger effort to disguise them. Still, for a first experimental effort I did kind of like the result.

EDIT: Looking at this with fresh eyes a couple days later, I wish I had pushed the distance more by making the rock formations and castle much smaller. Too bad I didn't save a copy of the layered file. Oh well, first try and all, we'll see how the next one goes as I think I'll be trying more of this!)

(Note: I do not own copyright on any of the photos used. I found them on Google. If any photographer sees their work in this image let me know and I'll be happy to list a credit and provide a link to your portfolio or website)