Dragon's Prophet and Other Art

As I've previously mentioned in this post, I've been working with Mike Sass as he designs dragons for the game Dragon's Prophet. Last time I showed a line up of profile line drawings. This time I thought I'd show a bit more. In the upper left corner we have the illustration Mike was working on. You can see it isn't quite finished, but the design of the dragon was nailed down enough that I could begin work on the guide for the 3d modelers. I started with the profile view. Once done I checked in with Mike to make sure I was understanding all of the forms and elements correctly. Once I had his approval I went on the do the top down view on the body, and the front view of the head. I'll admit, the top down views are the hardest for me. It's not often we draw something like a dragon from that perspective, and mentally imagining how all of the forms look from that view isn't always easy. In the end the hard work pays off, as we can see in the final model seen here at the Dragon's Prophet developer's blog.

And now for something completely different.

As a freelance sci-fi and fantasy artist I can be called on to paint a lot of odd stuff. You can never predict what a client will need painted. Paizo has a line of paper miniatures for people to use in their gaming, and for one set I was asked to paint a few swarms of things, and this lead to one of the most odd things I have ever been asked to paint. A swarm of "giant" amoebas. Amoebas are normally single cell organisms, and so microscopic. So how big is a "giant" amoeba? I'm not really sure. I couldn't use a background in the illustration, and thus nothing to give a sense of scale. All I know is a swarm of them fits on the smallest paper mini they make. Also, a swarm of jellyfish!