Glamazons vs The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini

Last month I was approached to work on a project that had been successfully Kickstartered, but that had a problem with an artist needing to drop out. This project, "Glamazons vsThe Curse of the Chainmail Bikini"  , lampoons the old trope of women in fantasy wearing very little actual effective armor. During game play players will kill monsters and fashion from them much more effective armor, with the player who fashions a full suit of armor first being the winner.

As I mentioned, the original artist, well known tattoo and pin up artist Joe Capobianco, had to step down due to a conflict in scheduling. The game designer decided that rather than trying to have anyone ape his style, they would instead use a variety of well known fantasy styles, from classic fantasy illustration (my strength), to Capobianco's pin up style, to anime and comic books, etc. Each artist would design a player character, a monster, and a set of armor based on their monster.

While all the client needed was the character illustrated for their player sheet, I decided it would be fun to flesh the image out with a dragon. Since I work digitally, the client can still easily have just the character isolated from the background, a win for both of us.

And here was my monster. I was given free reign to choose something of my own liking, preferably something that would trigger some gamer nostalgia for the old school Monster Manual. I decided to do a take on the old Shambling Mound, a monster made of pure vegetation.