New Hearthstone card for "Journey to Un'Goro"

Hey everyone! A new Hearthstone expansion is out and I once again have a card in the set. I love love LOVE working with Blizzard and especially on Hearthstone, so it's always a thrill to see my art in the game, as an artist of course, but even more as a genuine FAN of the games.

I believe the set hits next week, but the cards were spoiled yesterday, so I'm free to share it here: The Vinecleaver Machete. I love the theme of this set, and it was equally awesome for me to see what the other artists created for this expansion.

I've been making much more art since the New Year, but not much I can show off just yet, which is a drag. Hmm, maybe I should start some personal project that will give me more art I can reveal in a timely manner...